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Through the adventure of scouting, young people get to take risks in a safe environment, try new things, work as a team and have their first taste of responsibility. All this (and lots more), is made possible by the efforts of our dedicated team of hard working adults – people like you! 

Volunteer agreement leaflet


Simply put, without people like you scouting wouldn’t exist and with this in mind we realise it is important for us to provide you with as much support as we possibly can and for us all to know what we can expect of each other. 

So, to help you in your role we have developed a volunteer agreement, below you can download a complete PDF copy to read and keep safe for future reference or alternatively, you can review each section from the menu below.

Its purpose is to support you and ensure that you know and understand the policies, processes and best practices of The Scout Association. It’s an intentionally detailed booklet which pulls together information from various sources to provide you with the points you need to know as a volunteer in scouting. 



By having this agreement in place we hope to demonstrate:


It shows that we care and that thought has gone into the way we engage and involve our adult members across our Districts and South London.


It ensures that decisions are consistent and not made on an ad-hoc basis and that all our adults are treated equally and fairly.


it allows our adults to know where they stand, how they can expect to be treated and where to turn to if they feel things are going wrong


It helps ensure that everyone fully understands why they are involved in Scouting and the role they play in the Movement. 

If there is anything you do not understand or require further clarification on, please speak to your volunteer line manager or visit the pages below where we have pulled together more information on lots of the topics included in the guide. 

Our volunteers are important to us and it is important that you as a volunteer enjoy your experience with Scouting and that your needs and expectations are met. If you have questions, concerns or if you are unhappy about anything, please talk with your line manager, Group Scout Leader or District Commissioner. Many problems can be sorted out through discussion.

Please remember that this agreement only highlights the policies of the Association and is to be used in conjunction with our rules which can be found in The Policies, Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association (referred to as POR), available to download from

We really hope you find this guide a useful resource and point of reference to support you in fulfilling your role in in scouting.

Scout Active Support

This agreement reflects the hopes and intentions of you (the volunteer) and South London Scouts (the charity) and is not contractually binding in any way on either party.

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