Founder Badge

Founder badge

Our Founder badge is an exciting opportunity to explore the life and achievements of Robert Baden-Powell with your members and provides the opportunity to plan a number of evenings looking at our history and how scouting started.

Badge requirements...   

1.   Learn about the life of Robert Baden-Powell

2.   Find out about the 1st Scout Camp on Brownsea Island
      in 1907

3.   Learn about the book Scouting for boys

4.   Take part in at least two games from Robert Baden-
      Powell’s book 'Scouting Games’ (which can be
      downloaded by click the link - file name: Games by BP 
      or below) 

4.   Take part in at least one of the following: 

        - a craft activity relating to the history of scouting
        - an activity featured in Scouting for Boys
        - a scouting history quiz
        - find out about the history of your Scout Group
        - Learn about scouting before 1967

The badge should be completed over a minimum of two evenings.

Founder badges
Part 1 of Scouting for Boys

Where is the badge worn?

Young people - The badge is to be worn on the left arm amongst the activity badges that the young person has earned.

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Do you have any great B-P or scouting history games, activities  or resources? 

If you would like to add them to our page for others to use please email them to: 

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