Our aim: Scouting across South London is clearly understood, more visible, trusted, respected and widely seen as playing a key role in today’s society.

This means:


  • Delivering positive communications which promote our brand values and publicises scouting’s modern vibrant appeal.

  • Ensuring that our communities know that scouting exists, and their children can access it and how they can also get involved.


  • Providing effective channels of communication ensuring that the right messages are clearly passed on to the right groups of people.


To help us attract and retain more young people and adults from all the communities we serve we need to be seen as a modern, relevant, open organisation that provides our members with challenge and adventure and skills for life. Our plan is to transform our image so that we communicate a clear and consistent message to potential new members.

This means that our communications and membership engagement needs to ensure more young people and adult volunteers from more diverse backgrounds join us, stay with us, lead and mix in scouting and celebrate the social action our young people undertake and the skills for life that they learn through our programme.


Effective internal communication...

Effective internal communication helps ensure that all our members are working collaboratively towards a common goal.

It develops a cohesive culture and empowers our adults to make the right decisions in line with our goals.

Effective external communication...

A well-thought out external communications plan not only defines our target audience, but also focuses on how to reach it effectively.

Because the goal of our external communications is to promote scouting and increase understanding and engagement, our external communications are an important part of our overall development plan.


perception goals

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