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Over recent years we have seen continued growth across our county with new sections, groups units, young people and adults joining us every year.

This is a fantastic achievement and means that more and more young people in our local communities are experiencing the adventure of scouting and the great programmes that you offer each week during your section meetings.

As a county, we want to ensure that we continue this growth to achieve our aim of providing the opportunities scouting has to offer to as many young people's as we possibly can. That's why we are challenging you to take our Going for Growth Challenge!

The challenge consists of a collection of badges designed to help you publicise your Scout Group, Explorer Scout Unit or Scout Network and grow your membership. 

The badges cover the following areas:

- Publicising your group in the local community
- Bring your friends
- Easy linking between sections in your group or with a
   local explorer scout unit or scout network
- Growing your adult membership
- Community awareness and involvement


Each area has its own badge or series of badges, which everyone, young people and adults, can gain and wear on their uniform.

On these pages you will find the requirements for the different badges along with lots of information and ideas to help you run the badges.

So, rise to the challenge and let’s go for growth!

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Darren Lodge
County Commissioner





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