Things to consider when talking to your local community about scouting

When you are working out what to say to your local community about Scouting, you will find it helpful to consider the following points:

  • Many of the things your group, section or unit does as part of its normal programme have the potential to be positive and newsworthy. Raising money for other local charities, investing new Members in unusual places or going camping can all be good stories given the right treatment.

  • With some simple thought and preparation, you can use the media to give your group, section or unit a higher local profile.

  • In order to raise your profile, you need to tell the media what you are doing. They are not psychic!

  • Local newspapers and radio always need material to fill column inches and airtime. They will be interested in what you have to offer if it is presented positively and professionally. More guidance can be found on the county website.