All adults with a full appointment are able to register and login to our national adult membership database, called Compass.

Using compass you will be able to view and edit your contact and medical details and choose which national communications you would like to receive. You can also see your role status, training records, awards and event invitations.

We will use the information you provided on your Adult Information Form to set-up your membership record and keep in touch with you.

To access Compass you need to register here. Once registered you can login to Compass here.


If your contact details change

Please remember that it is your responsibility to keep your personal details up to date on the database. So, if your contact details change, remember to let us know! You can edit your details yourself by logging on to Compass. This will ensure you receive the information you need, are kept up to date and informed of what’s going on.

Your national communication preferences

Because it is important that you are kept informed of UKHQ will send you information relevant to your role in scouting, this will include things like information on the programme, events, rules, guidance, and safety. But due to the General Data Protection Regulations they won’t be able to tell you automatically about exclusive member offers unless you say yes to hearing from them. 

In order to receive these you need to take action now if you don’t you will receive the essentials but will not have access to member-only discounts, exclusive opportunities, competitions and special offers.

You can update all your national communications preferences by following these five easy steps:

  1. Use your membership number to sign in to Compass.
  2. Click on the ‘My Profile’ tab and then the ‘Communications Preferences’ tab (see this how-to if you can’t find it)
  3. Click the ‘yes’ option to the communications and benefits you’d like to receive
  4. Double check that your email address is correct and that your main role is set to ‘primary’ on the ‘Roles’ tab  
  5. To ensure you receive essential communications for your specific role, make sure you’re using an email address on Compass that is unique to you (so if you currently share one with someone in your family who is also a member of the Scouts, make sure you update it to an email address only you use.)

Help with using Compass

Help with using Compass

If you need any help using Compass please speak to your volunteer Line Manager or visit the Compass user guides at


Compass is a free to use, secure tool from The Scout Association to help you keep track of your scouting. The system safely stores data about adult members and allows you to perform useful tasks with that information (subject to access rights).