Celebrating our adults

Volunteer recognition and celebration

The easiest way to get enough volunteers is to keep the ones we have!

Celebrating and thanking our volunteers and the impact they have on the members of their colony, pack, troop or unit and the people they work with is a vital step in our approach to retaining adults across the county.

There are many ways we can do this, the obvious being through the national awards for good service and the long service declarations schemes. But it is the small and personal things that often matter the most so with this in mind we are committed to celebrating our volunteers all year round.

We do this by:

Making it personal

Social media is a great, public way to thank and celebrate our volunteers but unless, those that use it social media, check our social media accounts, how will they ever know how grateful we are?

Saying thank you

Saying thanks to our volunteers often and sincerely. We say thanks informally – in person, on the telephone, email or card and/or formally at special events. We make sure everyone understands why we have volunteers and why they are so vital to our organisation.

Showing them they are part of the team

Our volunteers make scouting happen and therefore are an integral and the key part of our organisation. Make them feel part of our wider team is incredibly important and we do this at everyone possible opportunity.

Volunteer awards

We want our volunteers to know they are appreciated and valued for their contributions and we have a range of ways to formally say thank you.

We regularly show our appreciation by nominating our volunteers for the association’s national awards for outstanding and excellent service and we present awards for mile stones in length of service too.

Our own county recognition awards helps ensure all our volunteers have the opportunity to be recognised, valued and celebrated.