Policy, Organisation and Rules

The Policy, Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association, often referred to as POR, explains as simply as possible the rules, policies and structure of The Scout Association and its dependent territories. It is updated at least once a year.

Each Rule is distinguished by a Rule number, which references the Chapter in which it is located. Matters of policy, information and advice on good practice are generally unnumbered. Policies are authoritative statements of principle governing the work of the Scout Movement.  Rules provide directives, which must be followed by all to whom the Rule is addressed. 

There are many opportunities for local decisions to be made under a wide range of headings. The devolution of authority to Counties, Districts and Groups is clearly indicated where appropriate.

It is important that the exercise of that authority is not frustrated by the imposition of local rules. It must also be noted that the law of the land is paramount.

Information provides a statement of fact, which does not require action on the part of the reader. For example, the chapter on the Association's Headquarters is provided for interest and understanding only.

You can download the latest edition of The Policy, Organisation & Rules of The Scout Association from www.scouts.org.uk/por


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