Vetting policy

It is the policy of The Scout Association to check all adult volunteers to ensure that: only adults appropriate for a role are permitted to undertake responsibilities in Scouting; and that regular reviews are undertaken of adult volunteers to ensure their continued suitability.

Accordingly The Scout Association is committed to:

  • following a defined process for appointing adult volunteers that establishes the applicant’s suitability taking into account the fundamentals of Scouting; the Safeguarding Policy, Youth Member Anti-Bullying Policy, Safety Policy and the Equal Opportunities Policy;
  • Refusing offers from applicants that are found to be unsuitable;
  • Putting in place robust vetting arrangements and ensuring that these arrangements are made clear to applicants and to the public;
  • Taking into account relevant information from The Scout Association’s records, police forces, relevant statutory authorities, personal references and other credible sources.

As part of the vetting arrangements, The Scout Association will undertake a Personal Enquiry which involves a check made against records at Headquarters for all adult volunteers and for certain roles a Criminal Record Disclosure Check. For foreign nationals or British Overseas Territory citizens operating abroad in British Scouting Overseas and Overseas Branches, checks must be made according to arrangements authorised by the Chief Safeguarding Officer at Headquarters.