Programme Team

Progamme Team

The Programme team is led by Liz Fricker

The Programme Team supports the provision of the 4-25 programme and adventurous outdoor activities, enabling our leaders to deliver challenging, exciting and relevant balanced programmes. They are also responsible for planning and implementing our county annual programme of activities, competitions and events for young people and promote youth shaped scouting, to help ensure that young people have a regular say in shaping there scouting experiences.

Collectively they looks after:

  • supporting the 4-25 programme  
  • support for achieving top awards in all sections
  • the provision of county events, activities, trips and competitions
  • activity and Programme Advisors (D of E Award, hiking, climbing, spiritual, nights away etc.)
  • county sectional programme teams
  • county-wide events

The Adventurous Activities Team

If a role is listed as vacant, the email will be received by the relevant Deputy County Commissioner.

Programme team structure

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Programme Team Lead

County Youth Lead

Alfie Francis

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Squirrels Adviser

Beavers Adviser

Cub Adviser

Scout Adviser

Explorer Adviser


Scout Network Adviser

Roe Littlejohns-Hennessy

County Adventurous Activites Team Manager and Manager of the Activity Permit Scheme in the County

County Nights Away Adviser

Water Activities Adviser

County Assessor/Adviser - Water

Frankie Postles
Power Boating: B2 Waters,  C Waters, B1 Waters

Richard Hunt
Power Boating - B2 Waters, Rafting (Traditional) - B1 Waters, Kayaking - River B1 Waters, Canoeing - River B1Waters, Canoeing - Sea B1 Waters, Kayaking - Open Inland B1 Waters

County Boat Inspector

Air Activities Team

County Advisor for air activities and 
County air activities team leader 
Marco Lecca

Air activities bookings
Carol Ivany
07753 228795

Henk Vanwelsenes 

Jim Pitts

Alan Piper

Ian Ford

Dermot Flynn

Hannah Whittaker 

Ian Piper

County Adviser/Assessor for Archery

County Adviser/Assessor for Archery with compound bows
Alan Gregory

County Adviser/Assessor for Archery without compound bows
Barry Goswell

Caving Activities Team

County Caving Team
(Scout Active Support Unit) 
Paul Fairman

County Adviser/Assessor for
Caving with ladders
John Ralf

County Adviser/Assessor for
Caving - no vertical pitches
Alan McBride

County Adviser/Assessor for Hillwalking - Terrain 2 Summer

County Adviser for Creative Activities