District Commissioner - Southwark Scouts

We are looking for a talented individual(s) for the exciting role of District Commissioner for Southwark Scouts...

The search for a new District Commissioner for Southwark has now started.

Over the last decade the emphasis of a district’s support to its groups and units has become an important part of successful scouting. Building effective teams is important at every level and many of our successes can be directly attributed to our strong county, districts, groups and units which work together to make scouting happen!

Some of Southwark's amazing leaders

The District Commissioner plays a vital role in building the district team to support and link the groups and units in the district and we are now looking for a new district commissioner for Southwark District to continue to build on this success.

In changing times, we recognise what we looked for in a district commissioner in years gone by and the skills and qualities we now look for are very different. The level of commitment and flexibility in the role is something, which is challenging and yet very rewarding all at the same time.

Meeting individual’s circumstances, we are seeing more partnerships between shared district commissioner roles and a couple of deputy district commissioners and district team, which form strong management leads for a district, so thinking differently is an all important part of how we progress

Southwark Scouts has extra-ordinary people, who work together to provide amazing scouting for the young people across the borough. We want to make sure that the future is bright for the district, by finding the right individual to take on this important role. 

Southwark Scouts has a great potential for delivering even more great scouting for even more young people, leading this will prove very rewarding for the right person/people.

Why not take a look at the information pack, after all what have you got to lose!


We welcome nominations or applications from everyone. It’s important for you to have your say and suggest talented individuals, who may be able to take Southwark forward to loads more adventure and fun.

Southwark - DC role pack

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