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Reptile Handling Sessions

16 Jul 2017

We have been contacted by a company called ReptoParty who have provided reptile handling sessions to Youth Clubs, Scouts, Guides and other organisations over many years in the South East. 

The company offers Scouts the opportunity to learn and also get hands on with reptiles including , Snakes, Lizards, Tortoise and a Tarantula. 

ReptoParty Poster

The price list is as follows:

ReptoParty Price List

60 Minute Session- £150 on weekdays and £185 at weekends.

90 Minute Session -  £190 on weekdays and £235 at weekends.

120 minute session (advised for parties of more than 15 people) - £230 on weekdays and £275  at weekends.



Party Invitations - £7.50

(sent in template form to your email enabling you to print and use as many as you need)


Certificate of bravery for birthday child - £10

(A4 size laminated certificate)


Bravery certificates for all those that attend - from £18

(A6 size laminated certificates)


20% deposit taken to take the date off of availability with payment plans taken or remainder of payment on the day or you can pay in full today and get 10% off the prices. Payment made via BACS (online bank transfer)


Party consists of pretty much a full on, thoroughly relaxed handling session. I will start off by gathering the children into an area and go through the safety aspect for themselves and the reptiles whilst going around with hand sanitisers to ensure hands are clean. After showing them all how to handle each reptile the birthday child will become my handler and show a few of the reptiles off to her friends allowing her to hold and friends to touch. All this is for me to gauge how calm, sensible and respectful the children will be towards the animals. Once I'm happy, it's party time and all the reptiles will be out. I observe, answer all questions and will go around each child to talk about all the reptiles and tell them interesting facts. Also a chance to feed the lizards (if they are hungry)


Selection of reptiles currently brought along to each session:

Royal Pythons

Boa Constrictors

Carpet Pythons

Burmese Pythons

Bearded Dragons

Leopard Geckos

Green Iguanas

Chinese Water Dragons

Hermann's Tortoise

Chilean Rose Tarantula (gatecrashing the reptile party)


They are currently running a 50% off promotion! Click on the link, email Dan or call 07802343872.

50% off all above packages currently. Offer is for full paying customers at time of booking. If wanting to secure with a non refundable deposit then the deposit would be 20% of original price and the saving is then 30% off. If wanting to pay in full on the day then it would be the original price.