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Recent changes to GDPR eLearning module

4 Sep 2018

Recent changes to GDPR eLearning module

Following feedback from members as of Thursday 30 August 2018 we have made the following changes and clarifications to the GDPR eLearning training module. 

  • All adult members of Scouting who have to complete Essential Information (Module 01), or Essential Information for Executive Committee Members (Module 1E) have to complete the GDPR training module.

  • The deadline for all current adult members to complete the GDPR training module is Monday 31 December 2018. We are currently working to make compliance. 

  • All new joining adult members must complete the GDPR training module five months from the date of appointment, this will be achieved by adding the module into the Getting Started Training section of the Appointments Process. Compass will be updated on Monday 10 September 2018 with these changes.

  • We have added a certificate to the end of the GDPR training module, which will count as validation of the module, replacing the current validation criteria. Learners will need to email a copy of the certificate to a Training Adviser, Manager or Administrator to update their training details on compass.

The long term goal is still to merge the GDPR training into Essential Information (Module 01), and Essential Information Executive Committees (Module 1E).