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Cubs Chessington World of Adventure Trip

28 Mar 2020, 08:00 to 18:00
Chessington World of Adventures
Leatherhead Road


- £50 per young person (8 to 10.5 years)
- 1 Leader is free for every 5 young people, else £27 per Leader

This cost includes:

- Day ticket entry

- Travel to and from Chessington

This cost does not include

Lunch, refreshments or merchandise - these may be bought on the day however I recommend bringing a packed lunch as the onsite eatery’s are vastly overpriced.


This is dependant upon numbers as to whether minibuses or coaches are supplied in each district.

A district travel leader will be put in charge of ensuring the travel parties are leaving on time and there are no delays. These will be your main point of contact in an emergency.

  • 7:30am arrive at your districts departure location for an 8.00am sharp departure.
  • 6:00pm arrive back to your departure location.

Whilst onsite please ensure you are in groups of 5 to 10 at all times following a ratio of 1 adult to 5 young people.

Expectations of the young people:

- Best behaviour throughout the whole day as they are representing their groups, districts and county. This includes saying thank you to the ride operators.

- Full uniform there and back - this includes uniform jumper, scarf (with woggle or friendships knots are appropriate), trousers (I appreciate some groups do not wear the official scout trousers due to costs so appropriate alternatives are accepted). You may remove the jumper in the park but please keep scarves on.

- Have fun!!!! 

Expectations of the adults:

- Wear full uniform (if applicable), for the day (this is to ensure you are clearly recognisable in the event of an emergency)

- Ensure the young people uphold the behaviour we expect when representing scouts in general.

- Have fun!!!!! This is your fun day too and the Young People will enjoy the day even more if you are enjoying yourself too!!

- occasional helps are welcome however please ensure they have a DBS clearance and wear at least a group scarf on the day.


We encourage you to take photos of your groups around the park and on the travelling to help promote scouting in your area. Members of the county media team will likely also be on site taking photos so please ensure all Young People and Leaders attending have signed permission forms for photography and please let us know if there Are any conditions of use or refusal or declination of permission so we know who to exclude in any photos we take.


- please book using the Eventbrite link above.

- all bookings must be made by 31st January 2020 but please book ASAP so we can let Thorpe park know numbers and make travel arrangments well in advance.

- Payments must be made at the time of booking.

- By booking you are accepting that the total cost of the booking must be paid in full even in the event of dropout of participants or groups. This is due to everything being booked in advance.

- bookings after the 31st January deadline may be accepted but this is not guaranteed.

- Initial limit of 150 spaces across the County but this will be increased if this target looks like it will be exceeded.

- Parents may attend however they will need to pay the cost of their ticket (£27 each) and the cost of transport if they choose not to make their own way separately (£30 additional each).

- beavers or younger siblings are unfortunately not able to come on this event.