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Cub Section: Water Sports Day

Past event
Danson Park

A day full of canoeing, kayaking, and sailing - plenty of opportunity to capsize your leaders and earn a time on the water badge whilst you are at it!

Activities include:

  • Kayaking

  • Canoeing

  • Sailing

  • the nearest railway station is Welling Station
  • bus routes 96, 89, 422, and B1
  • by car from the A2 via A221 or A207 
  • Limited car parking is available on site. A charge is payable at weekends and bank holidays from April to September.
Additional information
  • Please booking ASAP - bookings close 30th May 2020
  • There 70 places avalible
  • Cubs can book on independently or Leaders can book multiple places
  • Leaders and parents are not required for the day
  • Instructors are supplied by Danson Park