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County Kandersteg International Scout Centre trip August 2021

19 Jan 2020

To continue our programme of international events for our young people and to follow on from this year’s Eurojam event in Poland we are now planning on running a county trip to the Kandersteg International Scout Centre in Switzerland  from Friday 6th August to Sunday 15th August 2021.

We are looking for leaders or network members that would like to join either the main lead/  support team for the planning and support while at the centre and also leaders that would like to be in charge of the young participants on the trip.

The basis of the trip plan so far is we are looking at taking 100 people to the centre from across the county and the age of the young people will be from 12 years of age at the start of the trip up to 18 years so it will be a cross section trip of older scouts and explorers making patrols of 7 young people with two adult leaders and offering places on a pro-rata basis depending on the 2020 census numbers to each district for the young people on a selection process run by each district but adults as selected by county.

To start the process we are holding a meeting for all leaders (18+) and network members that feel this maybe something they would like to be involved in on either the 17th or 19th of February at the South London Scout Centre, at 7.30pm for an 8pm start to give more information and to see what the uptake maybe for each of the roles and depending on numbers there may be a need for some selection process for these roles.

At present we are in the early stages of setting the overall cost of the trip and this will be something the lead team that is selected may be dealing with in the early stages. We are using again the company Venture Abroad for the main basis of the trip for travel and accommodation as we did for the Canada trip as we feel we had great support but the rest such as activities and back up is down to the county to put together and plan.

So, if you feel this is something for you please sign up to attend the information meeting on either 17th or 19th February.

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PHOTO CREDIT: The KIX campfire, Adam Plowden, Surrey Scouts