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Module 10 - First aid

Leaders, managers and supporters in scouting must hold a current first aid qualification of 'first response' level or above particularly, when their appointment is renewed and for the award of their wood badge. However, you are encouraged to keep your qualification up to date at all times.

For a qualification to be considered an equivalent to first response it must meet the following criteria:
  1. The qualification needs to be set by a recognised national body such as 
    St John Ambulance, The British Red Cross, NYA, British Canoeing, MLTB, HSE etc.
  2. The qualification must involve training of at least 6 hours duration
  3. The qualification must be run by a qualified first aid trainer
  4. The qualification must cover the following areas:
       - principles of first aid
       - initial response to a first aid situation
       - emergency life support (DRABC)
       - shock
       - causes and treatment of unconsciousness
       - bleeding (major and minor)
       - heat exhaustion, heatstroke and hypothermia
       - burns and scalds
       - fractures and soft tissue injuries
       - meningitis

If a qualification meets the above criteria then it can be considered a suitable alternative to first response and satify the minimum training requirements for completion of Module 10 and wood badge presentation and appointment renewal.

Further information regarding the appropriateness of first aid qualifications is available in the factsheet first response: definition and equivalents 

COVID-19 first aid renewal

Whilst we are operating restricted face to face scouting no face to face training is able to take place, this is especially challenging for first response where elements of the programme are required to be demonstrated by participants in order to complete the course.

This challenge means that we are offering a blended approach to first response renewal training. With the opportunity to complete the theoretical elements of the course via a zoom session. Then, once we move to the green status of the association's readiness level framework and ‘regular’ face to face scouting can resume we will offer opportunities for you to complete a short face-to-face session to enable you to complete the practical elements of the training and validate your learning. The practical element of the renewal training will need to be completed within six months of moving to green status.  

Alternatively, you can choose to renew your first response training by taking part in a regular face to face training course once these resume. You are required to do this within six months of the day we move to green status.

Please note:
  1. Please note, the blended training option is only available to those that need to renew their first response training. If you need to complete your training for the first time you will need to wait until regular face to face courses resume.
  2. Scheduled dates will become live as time moves on. This will enable us to review the situation and delivery method of each course (i.e. blended or regular face to face courses), as the situation allows.
  3. All regular face to face courses are open to everyone regardless of whether you are renewing your training or completing it for the first time
  4. The Scout Association strictly states that adult members cannot take part in face to face training until we move to the green status. If you opt to attend an external course which meets the minumium requirements of first response training you can only do so independantly and not as a member of the scout association.
  5. The association also does not accept online only qualifications so, for example, If you complete the St. John’s Ambulance online course it cannot be used to validate module 10.


Click here to read the association's first aid training FAQs


Please click on the date of the course you want to attend to go through to our booking page for that course.

Please note the venue of each module. To find out more about our training venues CLICK HERE

Planned blended or face to face training as the situation allows:
(blended is for renewal only, face to face is for first time or renewal):


10:00, Saturday 23rd January 2021, South London Scout Centre

10:00, Sunday 7th February 2021, in greenwich 

10:00, Sunday 28th March 2021, South London Scout Centre

10:00, Saturday 17th April 2021, In greenwich 

10:00, Sunday 18th April 2021, In greenwich 

10:00, Sunday 16th May 2021, In greenwich 

10:00, Saturday 26th June 2021, South London Scout Centre

10:00, Saturday 10th October 2021, South London Scout Centre


Blended practical

These dates will be published soon after we move to green status