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Camping skills weekend (Module 16 & 38)

Module 16: Introduction to Residential Experiences 

Module 38: Skills for Residential Experiences

Our camping skills course covers Modules 16 and 38 which have been combined into a fun and informative practical camping weekend! 

The weekend covers topics relating to understanding residential experiences and the role they play in scouting and their are sessions which cover the core areas of the Nights Away Permit Assessment scheme which will help you gain and consolidate skills and prepare you to go forward and apply for a Nights Away Permit.

This training does not automatically qualify you for a Nights Away Permit. It is an opportunity to learn and develop the skills you
need for the Nights Away Permit Assessment.

This is a residental training course and overnight stay is mandatory.

To find out more about the Nights Away Permit Scheme click here.

Modules 16 & 38 - Camping Skills
(residential weekend)

South London Scout Centre (The Fort), Grange Lane, 
Dulwich, SE21 7LH