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Section Assistants

Training for:

Beaver Colony Assistants, Cub Pack Assistants, Scout Troop Assistants, Explorer Scout Unit Assistants


As a new volunteer in scouting we want you to settle in and find for feet as soon aspossible. To help you do this we provide you wth getting started training. This comprises of a combination of training modules to provide you wih the information you need to help provide exciting programmes for the young people in your section.

Getting started training needs to complete before your appointment can be made full. It needs to be completed within five months of you receiving your provisional appointment and is part of the adult appointment process.

Although there are suggestions about which modules may be best to complete first, these modules can be completed in any order, and are aimed at introducing you to your new role and giving you the basic information and skills needed to get started.

Once you have completed getting started you may wear the Gilwell woggle. Non-uniformed adults may wear the Getting Started pin. Both of these can be purchased from Scout Shops.

Getting started training for section assistants includes:

  • Module 1: Essential Information
  • Safety
  • Safeguarding
  • The General Data Protection Regulation Awareness
  • Module 3: Tools for the role (section leaders)

 And, if you also sit on an executive committee (at any level) you also need to complete:

  • Introduction to being a trustee


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