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The facts about our adult training scheme

Scouting is dedicated to the development of young people. Each week over 1600 adults volunteer, in a variety of roles across South London, helping to achieve this aim. Whilst our primary purpose is the development of young people, we also seek to offer personal development opportunities to adults, both within their scouting role and as individuals. Our adult training scheme is one means by which you can be supported in your chosen role and help you to meet your personal development needs.

To help you through the process of completing training you will be linked with one or more Training Advisers. Training Advisers are responsible for helping you match your existing skills with those of your role, for identifying any skills gaps you may have, for agreeing plans with you to gaining the skills you require and for confirming that those skills have been successfully gained.

All adults taking on an appointment in scouting are required to show that they have the skills needed for the role. Our Adult Training Scheme is make up of a number of modules and details of what training is required for different appointments can be found in the module matrix.

We recognise there may be learning and skills that you have gained through your life experiences, and our training is designed to complement these with further opportunities to enhance your individual skills.


Training is any learning activity that helps you to gain skills, knowledge or values. The most beneficial training, as far as the scouts is concerned, is that which helps you to fulfil your scouting role more easily and with increasing success.

We aim to make training accessible to all, regardless of geography, education, personal circumstances or special needs. Our training is also designed to provide opportunities to enable you to interact and share your experiences with other volunteers.


Validation is the process of finding out if you are able to put the learning covered by a module into practice in your role in Scouting. All modules for your role require validating regardless of whether you have gained the skills from previous experience or by planned learning.

Each subject (module or training), has a fixed requirement. There are a number of validation methods for you to select from. Validation methods are simple and effective and should always be something that you do as part of your normal role. The focus should be on you ‘doing something’ and this will often be backed up by discussion. Validation should not be seen as an exam – it is a positive experience in which you will receive supportive feedback.



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