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Inclusion: additional needs

There are many practical ways in which you can ensure all young people can fully participate in Scouting.

Scouting is designed to be flexible to support all young people to take part, achieve and reach their full potential. When joining a Section, the young person is joining the Group and should be encouraged to progress through Scouting with their peers. 

Michael Standing is one of our Assistant County Commissioner for inclusion. He is also the Group Scout Leader of the 46th Woolwich Scoutlink Group, a 100% Special Needs Explorer Scout Group known as Displorers Unit, The group has been running January 2000. (You can find them on Facebook here).

Below you will find resources that Michael has designed on many different subjects which include some of the administration required when looking after young people with additional needs (like membership forms and a parents welcome pack), as well as many factsheets on specialised subjects as ADHD through to what are special needs?

If you would like support or have any question on any area regarding incluesion please contact our inclusion team

If he doesn't know the answer, he will endeavour to find out for you.