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What is Scouting?

Adventure is at the core of Scouting. Through adventure we challenge individuals so that they learn and experience new things that will enrich their lives. When a Beaver Scout wakes up the morning after a Sleepover, or a Cub Scout has confronted their fear of heights, or a young Scout leads a hike, that is adventure. 

Along the way there is great fun to be had – and badges to earn. Scouting uses badges to recognise a wide range of interests and skills and, more often than not, the badges reflect the effort a young person has put in – rather than what has been achieved.

All this is part of what we call a Balanced Programme. This helps young people to learn about their community and the wider world, improve their fitness and health and develop their creative talents. It encourages them to enjoy adventure in the outdoors and develop their beliefs and attitudes against the backdrop of the Scout Law and Promise. For more information on the Programme, visit

Being involved is exciting and through the everyday adventure of scouting, young people and adult volunteers regularly experience new challenges that enrich their lives. Scouting offers a diverse range of activities and opportunities that challenge young people to be the best they

can be physically, emotionally, spiritually and morally. It is this that makes scouting unique.

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