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Our structure

Scouting across the UK is divided into around 160 Scout Counties. Within a Scout County, there are a number of Scout Districts, and within a Scout District there are a number of Scout Groups, Explorer Scout Units (14 to 18 years) and a Scout Network (18 to 25 years).

Line Managers are volunteers who support other volunteers to be successful and often have decision-making roles in carrying out Scouting.
If you are a Section Leader, your Line Manager is the Group Scout Leader. Their Line Manager is the District Commissioner and so on.    


Our three youngest age groups (we call them sections) – Beavers (6 to 8 years), Cubs (8 to 10 years) and Scouts (10 to 14 years), make up a Scout Group, of which there are around 8,000 across the country.

Our volunteer leaders are responsible for planning and delivering the programme to the young people in their Section. Beaver, Cub and Scout Leaders are supported by a Group Scout Leader (GSL). The Group Scout Leader is the lead volunteer in the Scout Group and is responsible for making sure the Group has a team of suitable adults who are well trained, supported and have the equipment they need to run amazing programmes. 

The District Commissioner (DC), is the lead volunteer in the Scout District and is responsible for the provision of scouting in the area the Scout District covers. The DC supports the GSLs in the District and also leads a District Team which is responsible for supports the leaders in the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorer Scout Sections across the District.

DCs are supported by a County Commissioner (CC) and the County Team. Scout Counties are made up of a number of Scout Districts.

Each Group, District and County elects a body of trustees including a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and a number of Board Members. We call this group of volunteers the Executive Committee.

The Group, District or County Executive Committee works with the relevant volunteer manager (GSL, DC or CC), to ensure that the Scout County, District or Group operates in accordance with the Policies, Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association and the rules of the UK Charity Commission.