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Adult Appointment Reviews

Review information for managers

Sometimes we all need a bit of a hand to do better. The review process gives us just that.

Formal and informal reviews help ensure adults feel supported as they develop local Scouting. 

A formal review of an appointment must take place at the end of each appointment period (a maximum of five years), or earlier if required by the relevant commissioner. It can also take place at other times if the line manager thinks it is needed.

An informal review is held at least annually, to build on the discussions you have during the year. It is a chance to take stock and plan for the future. 
A review with someone who is doing well is a much easier prospect than one with someone who really isn’t performing as we would like. But difficult reviews, if properly carried out, are much more powerful in making Scouting better.


Review process

These resources will help you to consider how to best carry out the review process:


Review guidance

These resources will help you follow formal review process procedures: