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Youth shaped Scouting in the Scout Network

Scout Network forums

Scout Networks are meant to be run by their members, for their members, and District or County Scout Network Committees are a really useful way of making this possible.

This forum should:

  • Oversee programme planning and regularly review the programme to ensure it is meeting the needs of the Network.
  • Organise and plan events, both for members of the Network and possibly members of other District or County Scout Networks, including activity days and camps.
  • If the Network has any spare funds, then the forum can discuss how they will be spent.
  • Communicate plans to individual members of the Network. This will include deciding on the most effective way to communicate, which will require them consulting other members of the Network.
  • Running a District or County Scout Network forum

To help you organise a successful District or County Scout Network Committee, you can use the following tried and tested steps as a guide:

  • They are comprised of elected members of the District or County Scout Network and should be representative of the Network across the whole area.
  • The District or County Scout Network Commissioner and Network Scout Leaders do not have to attend, and if they choose to then they should advise rather than run the committee.
  • The Committee should have a Chair, and may also have a Secretary and a Treasurer.
  • It may be useful to encourage the Chair to send around an agenda with a list of topics to be discussed to the members in advance. Members will then have time to think and ask fellow members of the Network for their opinions.
  • In order to ensure that all Scout Network members have the opportunity to influence the agenda of the Committee, it could invite representatives or send out requests for action to all members of the Network.
  • The Committee could produce a summary of the decisions made at the meeting and send it around to all of the Network members, so they are kept informed.
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Youth Shaped Resources

To start you off the national Youth Shaped Team have compiled some great ideas around what to discuss and how to deliver fun and effective activities and youth forums, for the Scout Netwrok Section.  

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Youth Shaped Scouting in the scout Network

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