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#YouShape 2018 and programme resources

Welcome to #YouShape month!

Following the success of #YouShape 2017, this year we're celebrating all things #YouShape for a whole month in February. Youth Shaped Scouting takes place all year round, but we're focusing on February to support young people and volunteers to embed this traditional part of Scouting into what we do, and celebrating the amazing examples of Youth Shaped Scouting already taking place around the country.

Don't forget to keep sharing what you're up to this month using #YouShape on social media, and get your #YouShape badges and wristbands from Scout Shops.

What is #YouShape all about? 

#YouShape Month is a platform to empower young people to shape their Scouting experience at a local and national level. During #YouShape Month, we're encouraging all sections to run local activities that will help their young people engage on a national level. 

Youth Shaped Scouting isn't a new concept; empowering young people to decide, design and implement their own Programme and experiences is already happening around the country. #YouShape month allows us to ensure that this continues and is embedded in every level of the Movement.

What are we looking to achieve nationally?
  • Raise the profile and understanding of Youth Shaped Scouting across the organisation. We have set a target of having 50,000 people across 80% of Districts taking part in some way.
  • Increase the quality and quantity of sectional Youth Shaped Scouting, through Patrol Leader's forums and Sixers meetings for instance, where young people get to express their ideas and gain more leadership opportunities.
  • Get Youth Commissioners working collaboratively with their Districts/Counties to embed Youth Shaped Scouting into the following key areas: Programme, Leadership, Management and Governance.
  • Work in partnership to shape the future aspirations of The Scout Association.
  • Ensuring that Youth Shaped Scouting is embedded locally for years to come.
  • Consider what your District/County hopes to achieve. The success of Youth Shaped Scouting, both during February and beyond, partly relies on Youth Commissioners working together in Districts, Counties and Regions to plan, delegate and take action.
What could take place locally during #YouShape month?

Wear Their Necker: get young people to shadow volunteers at Group, County or District level for a day placing them in decision-making positions may encourage adults to hear their views.

Invite young people to AGMs or District Planning meetings to understand and engage in decision-making processes.

Get young people to voice their thoughts on their Programme through activities such as Edible democracy, Social media stars or Speedy Scouting, all which can be found in the resources below. All resources are linked to badges so they can be run as part of the Programme.

Resources for Beavers
Resources for Cubs
Resources for Scouts
Resources for Explorers
Resources for Network
Extra resources

All of the #Youshape postcards for every section can be downloaded in one resource here.

The national youthshaped team would love to get your feedback on this year's resources. They would be really grateful if you had five minutes to CLICK HERE and fill out the survey and tell us what you think.