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Community Involvement

Since scouting began, we have promised to help other people. From tidying community gardens to running food banks, today Scouts across the world take part in hundreds of projects that benefit their local areas.

Our Community Involvement badge is all about giving back to the community. Whatever passions your members may have: care and concern for the environment; a love of animals; or a desire to make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate than them, our badge gives your members the chance to make a difference and promote your Scout Group at the same time.

By taking part in this badge your members will:

  • Gaining patience, tolerance and compassion
  • Overcoming ignorance, prejudice, apathy and fear
  • Increasing awareness of the needs and problems of others
  • Exploring and improving interpersonal skills and self-development skills
  • Be trusted
  • Making a real difference to the lives of others
  • Gaining understanding and responsibility

Working together as a section, group or unit:

  1. Learn about your chosen cause
  2. Raise some money for your chosen cause over a period of time
  3. Ask someone from your chosen cause to come to your section meeting to talk to you about the cause and present them with a cheque for the money you have raised
  4. If appropriate visit your chosen cause to see them in action
  5. Help make a difference and volunteer at least 1 hour in your local community (this doesn’t need to be related to your chosen cause but if it is that’s amazing!)
Where are the badges worn?

The badge is worn on the left arm amongst the activity badges that the young person has earned.  

Download these requirements ready for printing HERE.