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Adult Recruiter

Recruit a new adult volunteer to become involved in scouting and earn yourself an exclusive badge. This badge can be gained by adults and young people.

Badge requirements

  • The Recruiter Badge can be awarded to any existing adult or young person in scouting who successfully recruits a new adult volunteer

  • The new volunteer must be taking on an adult appointment and therefore cannot be an Occasional Helper

  • The badge can be awarded once the new adult has completed our simple adult appointment process (i.e. has completed an Adult Information Form, carry out their DBS check 9if their new role requires one) and has attend a meeting with the District Appointments Panel.

The badge can be awarded multiple times for the recruitment of more than one adult but only one badge can be worn on the uniform.

If an individual has reintroduced an adult who was previously a Member but has not been involved in Scouting for more than six months, a Recruiter Badge may be awarded


Where is the badge worn?

Young people…
The badge is to be worn on the left arm amongst the activity badges that the young person has earned. 

The badge can be worn on the right arm just below the District and County badges.


Download these requirements ready for printing HERE.


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