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Media & Communications

Not only do we need to communicate between ourselves as fellow members of the Scout Association but we also want friends, family, strangers or perhaps potential members of our growing movement to know what Scouting in South London is all about.

We also want to tell other people about what they are missing. Our work on media and communications within the County is vital to keeping everyone in the loop about what all our Districts and County is doing, plus also having the potential to change people’s perceptions of Scouting for better and even get them involved!

Internal communications

Termly email news digest

We will slowly be developing a termly email bulletin which links our members to important events, news, messages from HQ and our magazine.

Our website

Our website allows you to submit news, events and notices to reach fellow members of the County or on our What's happening section at the front end of the website.

County email list to Leaders and supporters

Our email list reaches all of our Leaders and adult supporters with important notices. We will only use this method for notices which need to be sent out promptly and need the attention of our volunteers urgently. 

Annual Report

A document published on behalf of the County Executive to review the year.

External communications

Local and national press

Submitting an article

If you feel like you have something which the press might want to know about, you've come to the right page! However, you're not alone in doing this. Our County's Media Development Manager is available to provide as much or as little assistance as you require. We would advise that you share what you'd like to pitch with us so we can provide assistance and means that there's more likelihood of it making into local or national press. 

What do I need for a press release?

  • Three quotes, one from a young person, one from a Leader/volunteer and one from a parent/guardian
  • Photograph (s), preferably at a high resolution so they can go to print
  • Specific details and facts

What should my photograph be of? What should I make sure I do?

  • The activity which the article is about, preferably showing the young people taking part in the activity
  • Get outdoors and into green spaces
  • Illustrate we are Scouts with scarves and/or iScout clothing

  • Use props if appropriate

  • Encourage fun smiles

  • Check that nothing ‘unwanted’ is in the background

  • Be consistent

What should I not include in a photograph?

  • Team line up

  • Grip and grin or stand and shake

  • Parades

  • Lots of adults in the photo

How do I go about it?

Click here to submit information about your story to the national scout story library.

    Internal/external communications

    Facebook page

    Social media

    Twitter feed

    South Circular

    A quarterly magazine produced by South London Scouts, with stories written by our young people and volunteers, supported by County.


    Darren Lodge - County Commissioner

    Out of hours / emergency - 07977 539 630


    Media Manager - Debbie Jeacock


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