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County Strategic Plan

Welcome to our County Strategic Plan, This is a living document that will grow and change,  I want you all to be part of it, District plans will bolt on to this as will the Group  plans. We are all driving to now the 2018 Vision and the County will be here to help and support you through these exciting times.

Lewis Carroll once said  "If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there." We need to know where we are going to make sure we are focused and we don't get lost on the way. (Think Map and Compass!)

There is a full live operational project plan below if you want more details.

I would like to thank you all for all the hard work you put into Scouting every day, in our Colonies, Packs, Troops, Units, Groups, Districts and County. Without you, the thousands of Scouts in GLS would be wandering the streets! 

I want to set you all a challenge!! Lets go for 7000 + members as our first target for GLS we can do this !!! I have seen and felt a real buzz in GLS again we can do this !!!

Take Care; enjoy sorting out your development plans.

Remember as members of GLS we ALL own this document!


The Greater London South Development Plan has been split into six key priorities.


We will have an effective recruitment and retention policy for both young people and adults.


We will ensure Scouting in GLS is open to all and is perceived by the public as a relevant pastime for adults and young people and is recognised as part of a corporate organisation.


We will have effective, well-structured Executive Committees to support Scouting in the County and we will ensure buildings; financial balances and other assets are effectively used to sustain Scouting.


We will ensure that our adults are well supported and that adult training is delivered in a convenient and appropriate format.


We will provide a good quality vibrant and well-managed 6 to 25 programme.


We will ensure that our communications are consistent, relevant, effective and open.