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Tools for Group Welcome Champions

As a County we are good at recruiting adults into scouting. However, when running a busy weekly section meeting our leaders often have limited time available to welcome and show new adults the way we they do things properly.


Together we can grow our
adult membership and continue to provide everyday adventure to even
more young people across South London.

We understand there is no perfect solution to this challenge, we do know that there is much we can do to maximise the opportunities that are presented to us when people apply to join us and that's why we've introduced the role of Group Adult Welcome Champoin. 

The role of the Group Adult Welcome Champion is to work with the District's Adult Volunteer Champion and our County Development Service to act as the first point of contact for new adults that are interested in joining your Group.

The benefits to your Scout Group:

By having a point of contact for new adults that want to join your Scout Group, we can help ensure that they are contacted in a timely manner and receive a well thought out welcome and induction into scouting. This in turn will help to ensure that they receive the information they need and get involved quickly and importantly,come back the following weeks.


Main tasks:
  • Keep a note of the volunteer vacancies within your Scout Group.

  • Act as the main point of contact for volunteer enquiries passed on by the District Adult Volunteer Champion. 

  • Make prompt contact with new enquiries received, find out what area of scouting they would like to get involved with and assess how much time they are able to give to the role.

  • Arrange for them to visit the relivant section within your group and help to make them feel welcome.

  • Pass on a copy of our welcome pack and ensure that all relevant paperwork is pass on to the District (AA form etc.)

  • Feedback outcomes of enquires to the District Adult Volunteer Champion.

Remember: This role is not about actively recruiting adult volunteers or running local recruitment campaigns; it's about meeting, introducing and welcoming new volunteers into your Group. Although, we do of course welcome and encourage local recruitment initiatives and events.


Interested in the role..?

If you are interested in taking on this important and fulfilling role for your Scout Group please speak to your Group Scout Leader or contact our County Development Officer Matt.


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More tools coming soon!