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Tools for District Adult Volunteer Champion

The role of a District New Volunteer Champion

Our District Adult Volunteer Champion acts as a 'broker' for the District by keeping records of the current vacancies within the District, prioritising needs and placing the right volunteer in the right role.

Key to the role is working with our Group Scout Leaders and Commissioners to identify and maintaining a list of vacancies in the District. This will enable you to easily place a new volunteer when they make an enquiry to join.


Remember: This role is not about actively recruiting adult volunteers or running local recruitment campaigns; it’s about placing new volunteers in Groups and working with our Group Welcome Champions to introduce and welcome the people who have offered their time to volunteer with us. But of course, we always welcome and encourage local recruitment initiatives and events.

More about the Role

The main areas that the District Adult Volunteer Champoin will be able to help with are:

  • Keep a record of the current volunteer vacancies across the District and prioritise the need to fill roles.
  • Pass enquires on to Group Welcome Champions to enable them to make contact and arrange for the potential volunteer to visit their group.  
  • Support groups in ensuring they provide a relivent welcome and induction process.
  • Keep records on placements and conversion rates 
  • Share success with the other District Adult Volunteer Champions in the County. 




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