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Adult Welcome Champion's Toolkit

As a County we are good at recruiting adults. However, we all know that scouting across the country is not recruiting as many adults as it has in days gone by. This is due very much to the fact that we have a more transient society. People’s lives change and their ability and desire to fulfill roles in scouting change too.  This is coupled with the fact that more and more young people are going off to university and have a greater range of opportunities than adults did twenty or so years ago.

We also know that many of our existing volunteers undertake several roles and consequently this limits the amount of time they have available to spend managing the volunteers enquires we receive.

We understand that there is no perfect solution to this challenge. There is however, much that we can do to maximise opportunities that are presented to us through external advertising, our national website or simply through networking with business colleagues, parents and friends.

To do this we must first accept that we need to raise existing standards and accept that many adults that are volunteering today want to get something out of volunteering for themselves and do not necessarily want to give 10 years plus service. If we can acknowledge these things we have a recipe for underpinning our County adult recruitment goals.

A key part of our County adult recruitment strategy is the appointment of a dedicated ‘District Adult Volunteer Champion’ in each of our five Scout Districts and in turn a ‘Adult Welcome Champion’ in each of our Scout Groups. 

Both of these roles are responsible for the placement of new adults into our Scout Groups  and build upon the existing good work that is already being taken locally.