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GDPR awareness training

GDPR Training is a mandatory module for all adults who hold an appointment in scouting. It covers the basic information that individual’s need to know in relation to the General Data Protection Regulations, what this means for their role and for Scouting and how to effectively align with it. Topics covered:

  • Personal Data
  • Individuals' rights
  • Consent
  • Accountability & Governance

GDPR training is only available as e-learning. This e-learning will function on a range of systems and devices, detailed in these e-learning FAQs

We would strongly advise you to watch the how-to guide video for using e-learning before you begin the e-learning. This can be viewed here.

To begin the e-learning click here

Please note: This module now produces a certificate at the end of the learning.  You will need to print or scren shot this and pass it on to your Training Advisor who will be able to validate the module on Compass.

Our GDPR toolkit to help you ensure your Scout Group is compliant can be found here

To report any technical errors please email or request additional guidance contact the Information Commissioner's Office via their website.