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What is governance?

Governance is:

  1. using all available information to make the best possible decisions; and

  2. steering our work to ensure the best possible outcomes or greatest impact.

It generally takes place through discussion, whether that be around a table, by email, or on Skype. It also generally requires a fair amount of thought beforehand, in order to comprehend all the information, or come up with well thought out solutions.

Good governance should:

  1. have people who understand what they’re there for;

  2. work for the good of the organisation;

  3. have people who can work well as a team, but come up with ideas as individuals


  4. know what the organisation is doing, spending and what it has to comply with

    so it can make sure good decisions are being made by everyone;

  5. behave with integrity;

  6. be open and accountable.

Principles taken from The Scout Association’s adaptation of “Good Governance: A Code for the Voluntary and Community Sector”, presented to The Scout Association’s Board of Trustees in December 2015