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Selection of our jamboree unit members

Who is eligible?

All young people who are members of South London Scout County (Greater London South), born between 22 July 2001 and 21 July 2005 regardless of how long they have been a member.

South London Scout County will be using an open and transparent selection process and all applicants will receive feedback on the outcome of the selection event. Each young person will be judged against an objective, weighted selection criteria which will be sent to all applicants ahead of the selection event.


What will be considered?

The following points will be considered when deciding whether or not a young person is right to attend a World Scout Jamboree:

  • An interest in international scouting
  • An ability to work in a team, not necessarily as a leader but as a full member
  • A commitment to scouting in the longer term
  • A commitment to the Jamboree experience, unit training events and unit activities
  • An ability to take responsibility for themselves
  • The impact the Jamboree will have on them
  • Whether or not they are likely to be able to cope with 3 weeks away from home, having been through organised unit training beforehand.

We are aware that in some cases, it may not be the immediately obvious that a young person is the best candidate.

Being a member of the unit will be both physically and mentally demanding. Jamboree life often involve long days, whilst sleep will be at a premium. The Jamboree site is very large, and transport around the Jamboree site is likely to be minimal.

Given the pattern of the days, the unit members should have physical and mental stamina to deal with the environment and pattern of living.  

What will not be considered?

The following list includes some of the things that will not be used to decide whether or not a young person is right to attend the World Scout Jamboree:

  • A Jamboree is not simply a reward mechanism for previous scouting achievements
  • Academic qualities do not necessarily make a young person the right person for a jamboree
  • Because a young person’s parent volunteer with scouting doesn’t make them the right candidate for a Jamboree (however it doesn’t make the wrong person either)
  • The young person’s family financial situation will not affect the decision as to whether they should be selected or not.

In addition to the above it has also been decided that within South London Scout County:

  • There will be no district level selection process. All applicants will be allowed to apply directly to the county. This is to ensure that everyone who wishes to attend the World Scout Jamboree has the same chance and is judged based upon the same criteria
  • All applicants will receive notification to let them know if they have or have not been selected. (Unfortunately, with such a large number of young people applying to attend the jamboree as part of the South London Jamboree Unit we will not be able to provde individual feedback)  
  • Any member selected to attend the Jamboree must meet minimum criteria in terms of being a team player and having a genuine desire to attend the World Scout Jamboree
  • Being able to work with the unit leadership team (non-disruptive behaviour).

Because of the demand for places in our jamboree unit, lots of younge people will be disappointed that they are not selected. Because of this the County is looking to offer an alternate international adventure to those that meet the criteria and we know this will also be an amazing experience for those that choose to take part.