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Take our four week volunteering challenge!

Try something amazing!

Why not try some of the fun and adventure of scouting for yourself?

Come along to your local beavers, cubs or scouts meetings for 4 weeks (they dont need to be consecutive). You’ll be amazed at the fun you will have and the difference you can make…

The four week challenge is a chance for you to test drive scouting.
It’s a try-before-you-buy~(in) with no commitment to see if volunteering is right for you.

We have a wide range of flexible opportunities either working with young people in the beaver scout (6 to 8 yrs), cub scout (8 to 10 yrs), scout (10 to 14 yrs) or explorer scout (14 to 18 yrs) sections or behind the scenes supporting the adults that do!          

Even if you can only give an hour a month, any help is truly amazing!

Week 1:
Come along and see what we get-up to

Week 2:
Start to help out

Week 3:
Get a little more involved - maybe run a game or activity

Week 4:
By now you’ll know if scouting is for you.

For more information

Call us on 0843 289 1548