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Parent Rota Frequently Asked Questions...

Many of our Scout Groups operate a rota to enable parents and other adult supporters to help out with their sections on a flexible basis. Your child's Scout Group would welcome your support to help them easierly run Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

Below are some frequently asked questions.

Why do you have a rota? 

As with any organisation that works with young people we are required to have an appropriate ratio of adult to children during our meetings and activites. All our leaders are volunteers but sometimes our some of our leader are unable to make it to the weekly meetings due to work or family committments. That’s why we operate a rota to help the leaders to ensure we have enough adults present to provide great scouitng.

What am I expected to do? 

Just turn up and lend a hand. No preparation or special skills are required. However, if you see on the programme or rota something you have an interest or skill in please let your leader know so they can make use of your skills. If you have any disabilities or other limitations that's not a problem – sometimes an extra pair of eyes is enough whilst the leaders sort out the other activities.

Is it physical or demanding? 

Not if you don’t want it to be. Sometimes we just need a hand keeping an eye on activities. This can be craft – watching a game or talking to the children. It can be sitting down as much as running around – but if you have specific things can want to or cannot do – let us know.

I have a younger child can i bring them with me?

Please speak to your leaders about this - General, your younger children may accompany you on your rota evening and can take part in certain programme items (at the discretion of the leaders). Please remember that they remain your responsibility throughout the meeting.

Do I need to under go any background checks?

The safety of our members is our first priority so you will need to complete our Adult Information Form. If you choose to help more than once a month or come along on our overnight adventures you will need undertake a simple Disclosure and Barring Service Check (DBS check). 

What happens if I can’t make my night? 

In the first instance please try and swap with another parent. Collection time is ideal for asking if anyone can swap – as parents are normally stood waiting. Beyond this please tell your leader and they may be able to swap.

Can an older sibling take my place? 

Only if they are over 18 otherwise they cannot count as an adult. However, if your 14-18 year old is interested in helping out as a Young Leader maybe as part of their service area for their Duke of Edinburgh please let your leaders!

My child doesn’t like having me there. 

Unfortunately without parent rotas we cannot operate. It’s not fair to other parents, and we only allowed so many children to join our Group thanks to the support from parents. Please explain to your child that there would be no Cubs/ Beavers without helpers. Plus we can put you with a different group of children if possible!

I enjoyed my night, can I do it more often?

 Yes! There's lots of ways to get involved and help proivde the adventure of scouting to the young people in your area. Click here to find out about the many ways you can volunter in ways that suit you. Not all roles involve wearing uniform or working directly with young people  and we offer training to support you – some training can even be used in the work place!