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Dealing With Difficult Situations

This independent learning is aimed at managers and supporters in scouting.

The total learning time for this resource is approximately 30 minutes.


Objectives - by the end of the unit, participants will be able to:
  1. Identify the main reasons why adults disagree and describe the steps that should be taken to manage a dispute between adults, including possible solutions.

  2. Describe ways in which conflict and the escalation of disagreements may be prevented and detail the places where written and personal support and advice may be obtained in the management of adult disagreements.

  3. Outline the complaints process.

  4. Outline the situations where the suspension/cancellation of an adult appointment would be appropriate and explain the suspension process.


Before completing the learning guide, you should watch the Dealing With Difficult Situations videos:

                   Click here to watch the video 1
                   Click here to watch the video 2

Learning Guide

The purpose of this learning guide is to build on the information given in the video. As well as providing extra details of some of the models outlined in the video, it also seeks to help you reflect on how to apply them in your Scouting role.


         Click her to download the learning guide