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The big conversation

  • Learn how to make a phone call.

  • Learn your home phone number or a family members mobile number.

  • Learn how to send an email or text message.

  • Spell your name in morse code, semaphore, braille, using the phonetic alphabet or by using pictures and symbols.

  • Learn how to say hello and goodbye in a language other than your own.

  • Get someone you know to give you a call. Write down what they say, making sure that you have all the main details.

  • What a TV programme or news report and write a report on it to tell others about it. It could be written or recorded.

  • Contact a Cub in another Pack. Send them a video or letter or email and receive one back.

  • Find out how people with a visual or hearing impairment communicate. You might learn about Braille, Makaton or British Sign Language. Learn a simple phrase in one of the ways you have learned.

  • Get an adult to give you a message. Remember it and repeat it back to them 10 minutes later.