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Be creative

  • Make a card for someone that doesn't live in your home.

  • Make a seasonal item, like a decoration for a faith festival, glass painting, plate painting.

  • Make something that has moving parts.

  • Make something from clay or plasticine.

  • Make something using photos you have taken.

  • Design and make a greetings card.

  • Make a poster advertising your cub pack.

  • Design and make a decorated book cover.

  • Draw or paint a picture of still life or a landscape.

  • Make a display of photographs on a subject that interests you.

  • Create a piece of art using natural material.

  • Use a dye that uses natural ingredients to colour a piece of material.

  • Make a feeding station for birds. Hang it in a good position (Get permission if you need to).

  • Try a new creative activity You could try: music, photography, needlework, website design, graphic design, dance.

  • Use your creative ability to produce something that promotes a scouting activity or an event.