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Camp checklist, equipment and recording your achievements

We know that you are going to really enjoy taking part in our home camp activities and challenges. To ensure you have everything you need and know what to do and when to do it please take note of our 10 point checklist to a successful camp out...

Read through this checklist with your parents or members of your family.


Download a copy of the camp programme.


Always put safety first. Think before you do! 


Camping is about sharing experiences with our friends. Arrange to hold your camp at the same time as at least two of your beaver, cub, scout or explorer friends.

The key to a great camp is keeping to time. Try to stick to the times on the programme.


If you are planning to camp out in your garden don't forget to check the weather. A dry camp is more fun than a wet one!


Remember to take regular refreshment breaks (particularly if its a hot day!)


If you are planning to camp out make sure you have adult supervision.


Don't forget to take lots of photos and videos (if you can), of your camp and the things you achieve through the programme.

To gain your badge you will need to show your leaders what you did. Download the camp record card so that members of your family can record what you have done for you.