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Perception Team

The perception team is a newly formed team and the County Commissioner is currently looking recruit members of this  exciting new team.

The team’s collectively responsibly for promoting our brand values, delivering positive external communications, publicising scouting’s modern vibrant appeal, ensure that our communities know that scouting exists and how their children can access it.

This area looks after:

  • the way we communicate internally
  • our public identity (our brand)
  • our county website
  • the production of our county magazine, South Circular
  • the provision of promotional support and resources
  • external relationships
  • promotion of The South London Scout Centre and camping grounds
  • promoting scouting across the county to the general public, other organisations and our local community


Deputy County Commissioner responsible for Perception

Ross Whittome


County Media Manager and young spokesperson team leader

Debbie Jeacock


County Internal Communications
& Web Site Manager

Matt Butterfield


County Social Media Manager

Ross Whittome